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International Mural Artist Writes “World Peace” Thousands of Times Between Miami and Los Angeles

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Contact:                 Renda Writer
                                (310) 404-4184

International Mural Artist Writes “World Peace”
Thousands of Times Between Miami and Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA:  With tensions mounting between The US and North Korea and a series of events that have stirred up division and civil unrest in our own country, the simple 2-word message of an International Touring Mural Artist from Miami, Florida named Renda Writer, and his recent completion of his 46th mural for his World Peace Mural Tour become more relevant, more impactful, and more newsworthy. 

After leaving Miami in his van at the end of May, the “word-based” mural artist who works under ethos of, “Write it into existence” began the drive to Los Angeles to start the Summer 2017 Leg of what he calls an “endless tour,” a term relating back to his mission statement: “I will do The World Peace Mural Tour for the rest of my life.” Every mural has the phrase “World Peace” spray painted over and over, in alternating colors, until the entire wall or building is filled up. 

Renda Writer’s 46th World Peace Mural was completed on August 15th, 2017, a collaboration mural with Venice Beach street artist, Muck Rock, who was featured in last week’s edition of LA Weekly, and several other local artists, all hand-picked by Muck Rock.  Located behind the trendy restaurant, “The Mar Vista,” the mural is located at 12249 Venice Blvd., Mar Vista, CA 90066 and is over 200ft wide and viewable from the restaurant’s back windows.

After creating 13 murals in 7 different states between Miami and Los Angeles, Renda is now ready to begin his journey back to Miami and will leave California before the end of August.  The Summer 2017 leg of his tour has been funded by donations from supporters of a GoFundMe campaign, which has just passed the $5,000 mark, with a final goal of $7,500.  www.GoFundMe.com/WorldPeaceMuralTour

Even with all that’s going on in the world today; the good news is still out there.  This is it.  Renda Writer’s message is simple, but strong… short, but necessary… and lofty… but reachable. 

Highlights of the Summer Leg of the tour so far include: 1. Creation of a mural on The United States / Mexico border in El Paso, Texas 2. Television Coverage on the 5 O’Clock news in Phoenix, Arizona, by two major media outlets:  ABC & CBS 3. Print Coverage in Gallup, New Mexico by local newspaper, “The Gallup Independent” 4. Creation of a mural inside the private residence of up-and-coming actor, Matt Nye (Iron Man 3) in Koreatown, Los Angeles

The return plan has Renda making a stop in Atlanta, Georgia during the first week of September before touching down in Miami, where he will have a “Welcome Back” event (date & location: TBA), and will begin planning future murals… for World Peace Day on September 21st and for the Fall and beyond.  Atlanta building owners and community leaders interested in having a World Peace Mural are encouraged to contact the artist directly.  A new mural in Atlanta would go well with his two existing murals in the city, located at Apache Café (64 3rd St. NW) & Bonfire ATL (808 Woodward Rd. SW).  Renda is also available for bookings all over the world.




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